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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Booking Through Thursday.

1. Do you enjoy books that have cooking or eating scenes in them?
I guess so, although it's not really what makes or breaks a book for me.

2. Have you made or eaten anything that was inspired by a recipe or scene in a book?
Bill Clinton mentioned in his autobiography that peanut butter and carrots were his favourite snack, so I tried it. Damn, they're good--especially if you melt the peanut butter in the microwave and dip the carrots in it like a fondue.

As many Terry Pratchett books as I have read, I still do not feel inspired to try making dwarf bread. A banana daiquiri might be nice, though. Or banana anything, for that matter. That's the problem with taking estrogen; all of a sudden you want something like banana pudding, and then five minutes later you're like, "eh." About an hour before the end of my shift last night, I'd have waded through hell for a box of glazed donuts. Then it went away [the craving, not hell or the donuts]. Weird.

And "Hell or Donuts" would be a terrific band name. They could open for Cake or Death [who in turn would have to open for Eddie Izzard].

man, I'm tired...



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